What is the best Radar detector for you?

If you have read how radar detectors work – then you know which radar warning options are possible and which are not. You also know that a 70%-90% protection from speed cameras and speeding fines can be achieved with a radar detector and can save a lot of money in the future.

How to define the best radar detector from the technical side? Most important features:

Radar detector devices (windshield and custom install radar detectors) offer depending upon price range the following most important technical differences to consider:

  • Radar detection performance and sensitivity (to check: radar antenna sensitivity & sensor size)
  • More precise radar frequency setting for more accurate results (to check: frequency setting options)
  • Low Power Radar Reception of latest generation (to check: MRCD MRCT GATSO detection)
  • False alarm filters such as radar based assistance systems in vehicles (to check: filter options/false alert performance)
  • GPS technology for speed dependent alarms and fixed speed cameras (to check: GPS options and POI Database)
  • Laser detection – is 360° laser detection on board? (read: why laser can not be detected as good as radar)
  • Radar detector reliability, support & updates (check: how good is the product support and POI Database)

What are currently the best radar detectors devices for Europe?

In order to give the right answer please check our big overview and radar detectors compare before buy a radar detector. Don´t hesitate also to contact us if you need help.