Radar Detector Setup Tutorial

Using the right radar detector setup is essential for a perfect and long time positive experience and maximize the protection. We would like to show you in a sample what kind of setup is important and how to setup your radar detector correctly.

First step: it is very important to know what countries and locations you like to use your radar detector. Dependent on country the used radar frequencies has to be set. But why not just set all frequencies to on? Yes that might be a way. But in this case you will have two big reasons why not:

  1. Your radar detection is getting significantly lower because of the fact that your device has to scan more frequencies. Scanning frequencies is not happening in one time for all frequencies but the scanning process is continuously changing by switching from one frequency to next. And by activating all of them this time is reducing your warning distance.
  2. The second reason are false alerts – When your radar detector scans also not used radar frequencies it can catch some false alerts. And the use of real warning is then not effective for you as when you have just real alerts.

So please check what frequencies are really relevant and use just them.



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