All about radar

What are the measurements a radar detector or laser detector can provide a warning from? 
It can give a warning against radar and laser speed measurement as well as fixed speed cameras. This applies to fixed and mobile camera. Against fixed speed cameras is always recommended ti use a GPS speed camera detector like the GPS Reminder.

What are measurements a “laser jammer” can prevent from?
Any measurements obtained by a laser or “laser binoculars” are actively prevented. The speed of the vehicle can not be measured.

How can I get a warning against fixed speed camera or red light traffic cameras?
You can get an early warning by using a GPS camera detector. For example, there are the GPS devices KAZA DT100 wireless and GPS Reminder, they are an ideal complement to your radar detector and laser jammer. The coordinates of speed cameras or speed measurement points across Europe are saved in the database and warn based on a GPS signal. Regular updates for these GPS camera detectors with the latest database information with new speed cameras can be downloaded online for free.

How can a radar detector provide a warning, if fixed cameras measure “from behind” (e.g. Finland, Switzerland, France)?
Here the emitted radar signals are indeed in the direction of travel but before reaching the camera a good radar detector issues a warning early enough. This is also applicable to use the front of fixed radar detector. Since the warning distance is shorter, however, a very good radar detector like the Genevo Max, the Navty P1, the Uniden R8 or the Neoline 8700s should be choosen long-range or sensitivity. A 100% early-enough secure warning will be given by GPS camera detectors, these detectors use a GPS signal, the warning comes always a few hundred yards in front of camera.

Is there a radar detector that covers all methods of speed measurement and warns for all?
Basically different measurement technologies determine the need for various devices (radar detector, GPS camera detector, laser jammer) to get complete protection. The new radar detectors e.g. Navty P1, Genevo Max or Uniden R8 represent an absolute innovation, these radar detectors warn against mobile radar, laser as well as fixed cameras with GPS signal. Only the active laser jamming is not provided.

How can I achieve maximum protection against all methods of measurement, without seen by persons from the outside – what is a professional, discreet and effective solution?
The installation of a hidden fixed radar detector like e.g. the Genevo Assist Pro 2,  Stinger VIP, a laser jammer like the Laserjammer Antilaser ALP Priority and a GPS detector is the best solution and protects against almost all measurements (except pure video recordings by the police). Please see and refer to our all-in-one solutions.

What is the detection range of a radar detector?
The range of a radar detector ranges from 80m-500m (partly even more). Local conditions such as curves, mountain tops, bridges, etc. can affect performance slightly. Much more advanced radar detectors such as the Navty P1 Premium offers better range and are placed due to the better sensitivity in the upper price segment.

Why are the price differences for radar detectors so widely spread?
The radar detectors differ mainly on the sensitivity and detection range, but also by special features such as voice output and the number of sampled frequencies. Even cheaper radar detectors work, but the range is less than e.g. the Navty P1 radar detector. Fixed-mounted radar detectors such as the Stinger VIP or the Genevo Assist Pro radar detector are technically complex and therefore more expensive.

What is the impact of metallized heated front windscreens on the performance of a radar detector??
The radar detectors for use in the cockpit also operate in the presence of such windscreens, but with a slightly limited range. We recommend the purchase of a highly sensitive radar detector or a fixed radar detector installation solution for your radar detector in the vehicles front.

Can there be a laser measurement warning early enough by a radar laser detector?
Laser measurements are made within a second, but these are then registered in a wide circle. Therefore if a preceding vehicle is measured, is still sufficient reaction time. Similarly, the first laser measurement is not always effective immediately. For example, on the Anti-laser Priority Laser Jammer or Target Lasertrack Flare switches off after successful disruption for some time, to allow a new measurement.

What is the size of a radar detector?
Radar detectors have dimensions like a cigarette box and therefore very inconspicuous inside the vehicle.

Is there a need that the installation of a radar detector must be performed by a professional technician?
Radar detectors can be easily taken into operation by any user. for an installation of a laser jammer or an fixed hidden radar detector, it is advisable to ask a workshop to do the installation. In general, you can make it with professional technical skills and certaincar electrics knowledge.

Where is the best place to install a radar detector? What has to be considered?
Radar detector can be attached to the front window windscreen with small suction cups, alternatively, some radar detectors offer a Velcro connection on the dashboard or the assembly with a clip on the sun visor. The necessary mounting hardware is supplied complete. In any case, the radar detector must have a clear view of the road – an installation in the glove compartment, etc. prevents the proper function.

How long does it take to get the radar detectors installed on the dashboard?
The initial installation takes about 30 seconds, later mounting and uncoupling under 5 seconds – in fact, easy and fast to handle!

Can radar detectors be used in different vehicles?
In principle, radar detectors are very mobile and can be alternately used in other vehicles (e.g. when car hiring). Exception: radar detectors for permanent installation in the engine compartment (e.g. Stinger VIP or Genevo Assist Pro series).

Can I operate radar detector and laser jammer in parallel?
Yes, radar detector and laser jammer do not interfere with each other, please also see our premium all-in-one radar detector solutions, too.

Can radar detectors and laserjammers be scanned or detected electronically by the police?
No, all the offered radar detectors in our shop are undetectable (so-called VG-2 function).

Do I need a software update for the radar detectors (no GPS products)?
Some radar detectors can theoretically receive an update, but there is a regular basis, unchanged police radar frequencies do not require updates. Nevertheless, in such a special case we will inform on our website. Basically this is a subordinate factor in the purchase decision for a radar detector.

Are there false alerts when operating a radar detector?
False alarms can occur if there are radar frequencies operated door opener, etc. (eg at petrol stations or in city centers) in the range of the radar detector. These can be reduced by the built-City-filter. In practice, you are aware and experienced about false and true alerts. Ideally, the bundling operation with a GPS speed camera warning detector as offered in our premium all-in-one systems, audible alarms can be suppressed depending on speed. At low speeds in e.g. city centers there will be no more unwanted alarms.

Can radar detectors be disturbed by mobile phones, can false alarms occur?
No, the new radar detectors will not be disturbed by any mobile telephony.

What can I do against false alerts?
The radar detectos do offer a filter as well as a mute function that you can switch the first beep in the event of an alarm automatically to a gentle click.

Do the radar detectors work in all European countries?
Yes, most radar detectors work very reliably in all foreign countries, for almost all radar detectors we have received positive comments over the use in Europe. All recommendations are based on our customers’ experience.

What is important when I use the radar detection in various countries?
Pay attention to discrete application and consider country’s law. Do not let any official see the radar detector! Whether on or off, you may find threatening by heavy fines.

How long is the warranty period?
Of course, you will receive during the statutory warranty period, a free repair or replacement if necessary.

How is the process of delivery after I placed an order?
Shipment will be by UPS within Germany (fixed EUR 7,90 shipping costs – for free when >150 EUR order volume), to other European countries via UPS (fixed EUR 14,90 – for free when >150 EUR order volume)). The shipments are packed with neutral invoice inside, no one can see the content from the outside (at UPS label: neutral description “Auto Electronics” components).

How can I pay my radar detector in the online shop?
There are various options like pre-payment, cash-on-delivery and all major credit cards. For Switzerland possible reasons of discretion, no cash-on-delivery is possible.

What is stated on the invoice?
Of course, you get a proper invoice with the correct identification of the VAT and neutral product name description.

Are the shipping costs different depending on the various payment options?
No, shipping costs are independent of the chosen payment option, and each delivery is fixed (even when ordering more than one radar detector). We deliver an order value of more than EUR 150, – for free.

When ordering, will there be any additional customs controls and any customs fees?
No, for shipments within the European community there is no customs control, there are no further customs duty costs.

Can I pay without German VAT when I submit a valid European company VAT number?
Yes, providing a valid VAT registration number in the input field of the order process we will send you the products net of 19% German VAT. The validity of the entered VAT number is immidiately checked online so that you can pay equal to the net only, e.g. pay with credit card.

Can I pick up the radar detector in person?
Yes, there is also the possibility of personal pickup in our office. Here it is also possible to take  a look at radar detectors to be installed in a fixed way like the Stinger VIP radar detector system, Genevo Assist Prolaser jammer or Target Blue Eye 2. If you want to pickup the radar detector in our office please announce as early as possible by email. By doing so, we can confirm and ensure the the immidiate availability of the radar detector.

How about the legal situation when operating radar detectors?
In the countries of the European Union there are different laws regarding the possession and operation of radar detectors. These regulations might change regularly. We hereby draw your attention to the fact that in your country the possession and / or the operation of such a radar detector might be not permitted. Please check the legal situation for your country before using the radar detector or laserjammer.