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  • GPS camera detector for the dashboard
  • warns against fixed speed cameras
  • installation: cockpit
  • free updates for GPS speed camera database
  • New HDM+ Antenna for mobile radar & multaradar
  • Buy a radar detector, okay – but how?



Using the very latest GENEVO GPS+ HDM+ technology, the Genevo GPS+ alerts you with audible and visual alerts to high risk accident areas (blackspots) and photo-enforcement safety cameras, including Redflex, ATS, Nestor, Lasercraft, Gatso, Redspeed, Traffipax, TruVelo, SPECS Average Speed cameras, Watchman, Speedcurb and many more.IIt’s like having a little guardian angel in the car with you, keeping you alert to approaching hazard areas and speed cameras. There’s an option to enable alerts for well known speed trap sites, and you can even mark up to 100 locations for your own personal reminders.

Easy to update – With the number of speeding cameras set to dramatically increase and accident data changing constantly, Genevo GPS+ work tirelessly to verify new locations and delete obsolete ones in the USA, Canada and Europe, covering a total of 37 countries around the world. These database updates are easily downloaded via the internet into your GPS+ using the Genevo Updater software.

Visual, spoken and audible alerts for:

  • Fixed & mobile speed cameras including the new Multaradar Band!
  • Red-light cameras
  • Speed-on-green cameras
  • Average speed safety cameras
  • High risk accident areas (accident blackspots)
  • Includes lifetime camera updates from the Genevo Databasee
  • Covers all states in the EU
  • Advisory speed limits announced during camera alerts
  • Overspeed reminders during camera alerts, if you are driving faster than the speed limit
  • optional overspeed reminder at user speed setting
  • Automatic Ranging – warning distances adjust automatically according to vehicle’s speed
  • Linear approach vectors – directional, rather than simple radius alerting gives fewer false alarms
  • Confirmation chime at end of alert sequence
  • GPS speedometer display
  • Mark your own personal danger areas
  • Plug & go, ready to use straight out of the box
  • GPS atomic clock time display
  • Discreet compass heading display
  • USB updates via PC and the internet
  • SiRF star III chipset for urban canyon performance
  • Unique extra Genevo HDM+ remote Antenna included with Radar and Laser Detector


  1. German

    Radar Shop Team

    Sehr gute Lösung für Kunden aus Deutschland und Österreich (Stichwort Multaradar Support), die kein Einbaugerät bzw. aufwändige Installation wünschen. Dieses Paket ist daher ideal, weil Montage nur ca. 60 Minuten dauert und das GPS+ Gerät unabhängig in mehreren Fahrzeugen genutzt werden kann (dann allerdings nur die GPS Warnung Funktion)

  2. English


    Fast delivery, easy installation, reliable performance ?

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