Radar Detector Installation – Videos & Tips

A professional installation of the radar detector is extremely important. Often the installation is underestimated. This often has negative consequences. Because the radar detector protection then often does not work properly. Details, such as the correct location and positioning of the radar detector devices are extremely important, especially in modern vehicles. Even small deviations, the devices can not work properly then. Therefore, we always recommend to choose an experienced professional, so that the devices also achieve full effect. After all, what use is the expensive technology if it does not work 100%?

How to find a good garage for an radar detector installation?

  • Does the workshop already have knowledge about radar technology?
  • Has the workshop already installed such a system?
  • Is there any good references or evidence for this?
  • How is the staff trained?

If you are interested in the installation by experienced in the installation of these devices professional auto-mechanic / electrician in Hamburg, Heidelberg, Wien and Klagenfurth (please enquire for our Radar detector installation service) very flexible and discreet possible – we work customer-oriented on Friday afternoon, like also on Weekend without extra costs! The installation time is usually 2-5 hours depending on the system, can be a little longer with exotic cars. The price for installation varies accordingly. In general, the cost of installation by our experienced professionals between 300-700 €.

The technician will discuss with you in advance your installation wishes and options personally, so that you get an insight into what the solution looks like. You could use the time for a city tour during installation. Many customers are very happy about this opportunity. Difficulties can only occur in rare cases, when e.g. in the front of the vehicle is not enough space for or dismantling of body parts alone would take hours and special tools is necessary.

Radar detector installation – our references

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