Navty P1 Performance – Premium Edition

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4 in 1: 3D Radar, Radar, Laser, GPS POI Radar Detector

+ 48-month guarantee
+ Lifelong updates free of cost
+ Performance tracking:
   0–100/200/300 km/h & 0–60/120/180mph
+ Realtime Radar detection*
+ 360° Laser & POI warning worldwide*
+ RDD immunity
(*activatable via free P1R firmware by user)


NAVTY P1 – improve your performance, safety.
Fine prevention & driver licence protection


Navty P1 Performance Radar Detector

//// 0-100 km/h – 2.9s

NAVTY P1 Performance measurement receive your exact speed and mileage reading via GPS Technology. Acceleration is measured (0-100 / 0-200 / 0-300 km/h & 0- 60/ 120/ 180mph) at all times, completely automatic. Exact measurements allow you to compare your vehicle data with the factory data or other vehicles.

Protection. Less risk of accidents.
Driving licence and fine prevention.


Safety for you & your driver license


Dangerous areas and real time traffic monitoring – with our free available P1R firmware you can activate other warnings such as dangerous areas, POI speed camera alerts, 3D Multaradar technology and laser detection.

POI warning and traffic monitoring – Our newest and constantly updated database notifies you of dangerous areas and traffic monitoring points such as permanent speed traps / cameras at traffic lights / section control – worldwide. You can also add and manage your custom dangerous locations for individual safety.

Legal everywhere – respecting law – Because we respect the European laws, we only ship our devices with approved firmware (without any radar functions). You are guaranteed not to have any problems when you buy from a Radar detector restricted country. You can easily download, install and delete our free P1R firmware at any time for countries where radar & laser detection and POI warning detection is allowed within 10 seconds.

High Performance detection.

Our free available P1R firmware enables also a realtime high performance radar- & laser warning – Thanks to the largest radar antenna in its class, even the newest and not detectable low power output Multaradar measurement systems provide you with timely and reliable warning. Compared to other reference devices, the NAVTY P1 has early alert times up to 10x times above the current Multaradar standard!

The latest 3D MultaRadar and 360° laser sensors – provide reliable alerts for speed cameras. (segmented K Band, segmented KA Band, X Band, Multaradar MRCD, Multaradar MRCT, Gatso RT3 Radar, Gatso RT4 Radar, 360° Laser).

Beginner Mode – You do not know how to use a radar detector? With our recommended settings you can run your P1 within seconds after you activate your P1R firmware via USB Stick.

PRO Features – for experts and enthusiasts the P1 offers also exact band frequency measurement but also a multiple radar alert simultaneously as well as segmentation of radar bands for optimized performance.

Best in class radar deep filtering technology – The NAVTY P1 has one of the best filters to minimize false alerts. This means that you can avoid false alerts for example from blind spot mirror radar or other devices which use similar frequencies as a real radar. Compared to competition NAVTY P1 can reduce false alerts up to 50% from benchmark.

RDD Stealth

RDD (Radar detector detectors) Safety included. The Navty P1 cannot be located electronically with a radar detector detector (RDD).

NAVTY P1 performance

Design & control

Stealth carbon black design – of the NAVTY is made for use in every car without distraction.

Intuitive operation and voice messages – menu settings and control of the P1 are available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. By the way P1 is the most intuitive device: with only 4 big control buttons and voice warnings still easy to use without leaving your eyes from driving.


Lifetime Updates included – NAVTY database and firmware can be easily updated in just a few seconds via USB stick. Update works with any Windows, MacOS and Linux system. With the P1 Premium version you receive free full access to all database and firmware updates and our premium support for life.

NAVTY guarantee

NAVTY satisfaction guarantee – we guarantee you will love your P1! We therefore offer every P1 customer an extended cancellation period of 30 days.

4 year NAVTY premium warranty – we believe in our products. Even and years of intensive use we guarantee the full performance of your NAVTY P1 Premium. Your purchase includes a 4 year warranty on your device. Our support is here to help with problems or defects.

NAVTY P1 Bentley radar detector

2 reviews for Navty P1 Performance – Premium Edition

  1. Oliver

    Outstanding device! easy to use for performance tracking and superb multaradar performance – still better than Valentine one and Escort models i tested. Easy setup – perfect for non pro users – and very clever firmware management options to keep the device legal. The unit is normally delivered without radar firmware – important for the most EU countries – Firmware and POI database Update via USB stick is very easy even for mac users.

    Ideal for Valentine V1 or Escort users: 12V (RJ11) power supply is complatible – no new wiring needed

  2. Mark T


    This radar detector save me couple of time going to work and going to different places.
    What i like bout this P1 is that it has good range. It give me a decent amount of time to slow down before the other radars get you.

    Just the other day. Cop measured at speed limit and was hiding around the corner. Didnt see what is at the corner. P1 alerted me like 5-10 sec ahead of time. Had a lot of time to slow down.
    Don’t buy if you want to speed. I bought it because I want to be alert and know whats around me n keep me awake while driving.

    Other then that i gotta say it definitely worth the money.

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