KAZA DT 110 “LIVE” GPS POI radar detector

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The new community GPS KAZA DT 110 LIVE radar warning unit has been equipped with the latest technology, offering an exclusive Double protection shield that includes: The features of a GPS radar warning unit, and connectivity to the Kaza LIVE Community with protection against the Pegasus helicopter thanks to thousands of warnings reported daily by the KAZA community. In Spain and Portugal, this community includes more than 300,000 active users and a growth of 10,000 new users every month.

The option of connecting with the LIVE community does not imply any monthly fees. LIVE is completely free. You decide if you want to connect through a SIM card and which one you want to use. We recommend using a copy of your SIM card, which is usually enough  to use a Kaza (see full offer in the Documents section).

This GPS warning unit is 100% LEGAL


International Warning Unit Kaza DT 110 LIVE with DATA-MODEM cable

The addition of Internet connectivity allows you to interact with the community of Kaza LIVE usersto receive the warnings reported by other users within a radius of 50 km, and to report / issue warnings to the community about the presence of mobile radars, as well as sightings of the Pegasus helicopter (2 specific buttons are included for this purpose). It is the only warning unit in the market with a real protection system against helicopters, via collaborative reports of the very active community regarding these threats.
Another great advantage of internet connectivity via SIM (we recommend multi-sim) is that this device is automatically updated, so that, with each connection, if necessary, it will update the permanent database as well as download the Live Community warnings. Data consumption is low since it entails small bit packages containing geo location notices. This device can also work without internet connectivity, like the other KAZA models, if this function is not available.

Improvements and exclusive functions Kaza LIVE:

  • Incorporates interactive connectivity with the Kaza LIVE community, as well as an automatic update system from our Cloud.
  • The only warning unit in the market offering real protection against sightings of the Pegasus Helicoptersthrough warnings made by the Kaza LIVE community.


  • New screen with LED points.
  • Warning of all types of fixed radars guaranteed at long distances.
  • The only one with an automatic connection via radio to the external KAZA 400!
  • Updated with the latest database in the market (with more than 10 years of experience and the contribution of thousands of users) that stores up to 200,000 positions and warns us in advance of:

Fixed radars.
Tunnel radars.
Fixed radars of variable speed.
Traffic light radars.
Section control radars (optic).
Induction radars.
Statistics of mobile radars.
Statistics of dangerous points, curves, crossings.
Statistics of alcohol level controls.

  • Guaranteed precision thanks to its advanced satellite technology.
  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS chip of high sensitivity that doesn’t require external antennas and may operate with athermal glass or with lead.
  • Up to 4 alert positions at the user’s convenience:

Detection mode only for fixed radars and dangerous points.
Only fixed radars.
Detection mode only for fixed radars and possible mobile radars.
All the alerts available (fixed, mobile, police controls, dangerous road points, etc.)

  • Clear and precise voice announcements in several languages at 500-800 meters from the control area.
  • Warning when you exceed the speed limit controlled by the radar.
  • It incorporates an on screen digital compass that informs you of the car’s current direction.
  • Simple database download and update using your PC and a simple USB cable without driver.
  • It shows the actual speed of the vehicle by GPS.
  • It confirms the exact time.
  • It has cruising speed auto-limiter.
  • Warnings to take a rest after driving for some time.

Content of the GPS warning unit box:

  • Kaza 110 warning unit.
  • 12V AD – 5V AD car adapter with incorporated data modem.
  • Magnet.
  • User’s manual.
  • USB Cable for database update.
  • Storage case.

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    even the cheapest way to get exact radar warning with option using also a life update via sim card if wanted.

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