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Buy a radar detector? Do you still want to pay speed tickets of speed cameras, radar cameras and laser? Solve the problem with radar detector, GPS detector and laserjammer quickly and professionally! Have a look at our 100% full protection systems for absolute radar, laser and speed camera coverage!

Buy your radar detector from the most serious and professional dealer in Europe – RADAR-SHOP.EU is your professional online-shop by which you can order an extensive spectrum of radar detector and GPS products for protection against radar, speed camera and laser speed measurements. The business was established in 1999 and offers expertise for more than 10 years now. As a specialized and most-professional retailer for radar detectors, laser jammer and GPS detectors, you can purchase absolute reliable and high-quality radar detectors, GPS detectors as well as laser jammer at absolute competitive prices.

Our product range of radar detectors starts from economic and efficient radar detectors at outstanding market prices and ends up with the absolute and high-end radar and GPS speed camera detectors which are currently available on the market. You can get an easy-to-use product as a fast and economic solution or you can get a complete radar detector package which gives you in hidden mode absolute protection against all kinds of speed measurement cameras.

We ship from Germany and provide delivery service discreetly to nearly all European countries. For all offered radar detectors you will get a lot of background information, technical data and indications for use as well as information on the mostly discussed subjects like reliability, legal situation and pricing of these radar detectors. All our radar detectors and laser jammers are recommended against speed cameras and laser for whole Europe whose function was proven in Germany and in a lot of other European countries named positively in official tests. Due to this long time of expertise and received customer feedbacks, we can provide you with the best radar detector solutions available on the market. Take your choice! Get up to 10% savings when buying our radar detector all-in-one system offers!

Buy your radar detector from a professional and serious dealer close to you – shipping from Germany. Get full warranty and maximum service!

Please read our „Frequently Asked Questions” to get many useful information on radar detector, speed camera detector, GPS radar detectors and to get to know further details regarding the ordering process.

Radar detector and laser jammer for discreet and hidden fixed installation in your car! Operate your radar detector and laser jammer after installation in your car’s framework place discretely and for outstanding ones invisibly in the engine compartment! Obtain excellent warning achievement with discrete application by using the combination of radar detector, laserjammer and GPS camera detector through our custom installed high end radar detector solutions. If you still have some questions about radar detector, laserjammer and GPS camera or how to purchase these products, please see our FAQ.

Get an speed camera warning technology! Expand your technical profile and protection against radar and laser speed camera by operating a speed camera warning detectors. This highly innovative products provide a reliable protection against all fixed speed cameras! Solve all your speed ticket problems now!